Tips For Storing Antiques

Getting handed down antiques is an awesome way to stay close to your family and those who were generations before you. Even if you are an antique hunter and go and purchase from antique stores, you know the importance of keeping your antiques safe and in great shape. If damaged or not properly stored it can lessen the value of your antiques, rendering them to virtually worthless. 

There are many different things to keep in mind when storing your antiques and a lot of that depends on what you are specifically storing. Antiques come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. Someone who collects and stores antique furniture will need a different storage system or Spacesaver shelves than someone who is collecting and storing antique china. 

Since there are so many different things to consider when storing your antiques, here are some tips on making sure they are properly taken care of and kept in pristine condition. 


When storing antique China, you need to be extra careful since the China is delicate and breakable. A common practice when not displaying China is to wrap it in newspaper. This is actually not a great idea because the glaze that encases the china is often incredibly delicate, which means that it can actually absorb the ink from the paper. This can lead to staining, which is why it is recommended to use actual packing paper or bubble wrap to store them. You could also use things like acid-free tissue paper, foam sleeves, paper towels or white cloth napkins. 

Each plate should have a protective layer around them protecting the surface from other plates. If stacked in a box, there needs to be protective foam around all of the dishes, as well. This will prevent them from sliding around inside the box and potentially getting damaged.


One of the best ways to make your storage simpler is to disassemble any furniture items that you want to store. This makes it easier because it is easier to store a bunch of small pieces on Spacesaver shelves than one large, odd shaped object. This will also reduce the likelihood of something getting broken or scratched. Be sure to secure any screws or bolts to the outside of the furniture to be sure that you do not lose them before putting it back together. 

Go high

Be sure that when you are storing anything, especially antiques, that you do not leave them stored on the floor. This can be as simple as using pallets or cinder blocks underneath the furniture to prevent them from getting ruined in case there would be any moisture on the floor. This creates an extra layer of safety against damage. 


It is important that you take all of the proper steps to ensure your antiques will be safe while they are being stored. This means that you want to take extra time to wrap all of the items carefully. They should be wrapped in blankets to prevent dust and dirt from getting on them and to offer some protection from banging around during storage or travel. Try not to use plastic to cover your antiques because it can actually trap moisture and cause damage. 

Storing antiques can be a bit stressful if you are unsure of how to do it. You want to be sure that all of your sentimental and expensive items are well protected and taken care of. If you are looking for a storage solution or Spacesaver shelves to help you properly care for your items, Midwest Storage Solutions can help you create a custom storage system to fit all of your storage needs! Contact us today!

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