Update: Warehouse Injury Reduction Due to Technology

The most common types of injuries that occur in warehouses are due to falling objects, falls and ergonomic strain. When stacking products vertically to save space, not stacking it in a smart way could cause dangerous hazards in the warehouse due to falling items. Employees trying to reach these high items may also suffer the consequences of a fall during the process. Ergonomic strain comes from lifting incorrectly or objects that are too heavy, which can have employees out of commission for significant periods of time. 

Do we recommend avoiding the idea of vertical space saving to prevent the potential injuries it might cause? Absolutely not! With our Modula storage solutions we can provide your space with at least 50 percent more room. Vertical storage can improve your inventory management, ergonomics of your workspace and increase your profitability. So, how do you increase your storage capacity while preventing injuries from occurring? Some modern technology seems to be the most promising option. 

It is becoming more and more common for managers to begin implementing robotics and smart technology into their warehouses. Not only do they make the entire process more efficient, but they can significantly reduce worker injuries. Implementing Midwest Storage Solutions Modula ASRS and vertical lift modules can take your warehousing system to the next level while keeping your employees safer and happier at work. 

Reducing lifting injuries

When workers are performing certain repetitive tasks or are overexerting themselves when lifting, carrying or packing, it can cause injuries called musculoskeletal injuries. The most common musculoskeletal injuries are located in the back, making up 38.5 percent of all musculoskeletal incidents at work in 2016.

With our Modula storage solutions, the carousels do all of the work typically associated with these types of injuries. The vertical lift module can support and lift heavy products, which  creates a safer and more productive workspace. 

Increasing efficiency

When you are working for long periods of time or receiving breaks that are too short, workers are not only more at risk for injury, but also are less likely to do an effective job due to fatigue. In fact, 53 percent of workers said that they feel less effective when fatigued. Implementing technology into the warehousing process can increase efficiency because robotics can work for long stretches of time without presenting a decline in performance, they can work seamlessly alongside humans to handle the more physically demanding tasks more efficiently. 

Modula storage solutions improve accessibility for stored products by locating and retrieving goods with the click of a button. This increases daily efficiency by eliminating the need for employees to run back and forth throughout the warehouse. This prevents workers from becoming fatigued and wasting valuable time locating certain products. 

Operator safety

When using vertical storage, the structures can extend for several stories, especially in crowded urban areas. This means that workers can put themselves at risk by using forklifts or maneuvering their body to reach high items on shelves. The more vertical space utilized means the more opportunity for employees to perform tasks at dangerous heights.  

Using both technology and robotics in warehouses with vertical storage can eliminate the need for employees to climb up, stretch and use forklifts to reach products and goods, which means fewer injuries caused by falls.

Additional benefits of Modula storage solutions 

Each carousel is password protected, which allows only authorized personnel to have access to the machine and the products stored inside. They also track all log-ins and inventory movement to ensure proper handling and care. The carousels are fully-enclosed and guarantee protection against damages and theft. 

Every warehouse is different and has different needs, our solutions allow four different, customizable configurations to best meet the needs of each client. They can be reconfigured based on the diversity of stored products or the specific needs of operators and workspace limitations. 

When looking to create a more efficient warehouse, going vertical is an ideal option that can, at a minimum, double your storage space. If you don’t want to double your risk of injury, it is important to implement tools and technology to increase safety and efficiency amongst workers. Give us a call today to see how we can improve your space

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