Warehouse Safety

In any warehouse or distribution center, there are several different moving parts from the incoming and outgoing of material to heavy machinery moving and packing items away to be stored. With all of these moving parts working together as cohesively as possible, it’s imperative to understand the importance of warehouse safety.

These are the following items for any production manager, material handlers, and supervisors to work together on. There are over 10 different kinds of threats in a warehouse setting. These threats deal with a range of issues from proper handling of material to forklift safety.

One of the main issues of proper warehouse safety is any storage system midwest.

OSHA requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) still lacks the needed requirements for storage units inside of these warehouse and distribution centers. There are two requirements in place for storage systems Midwest in any of these centers.

The first one is 1910.176(b) which states that materials need to be stored correctly. The second one is 1910.159 which states that there needs to be an 18 foot clearance between the sprinkler systems and the storage unit. These are currently the only stipulations in place to keep workers safe. While these regulations are extremely vague, it’s important to understand common warehouse safety already in place, along with, understand the best ergonomically sound units to install.

How to stay safe

One of the first and the best ways to stay safe is to install the right storage units on the market. It’s imperative to find mobile shelving units that provide the right amount of space for your stored items, ones that easily create aisles for forklifts, and overall are easy to operate on a day-to-day basis.

This means finding the right storage system Midwest should be able to handle the weight of your items stored. There are several different kinds of units from plastic shelving to steel shelving. Midwest Storage Solutions provides the best recycled material made of steel.

Our best unit on the market for this type of industry is ActivRAC. This is because ActivRAC can hold over 30,000 pounds of material on its shelves. This unit creates the proper width for forklifts to enter in-between each unit to retrieve the needed materials. Furthermore, each unit installed follows the 18 foot limit and can easily be placed somewhere else if need be.

This unit is also ideal for a warehouse or distribution center who is required to follow cold storage requirements. Because of the sensitivity of these items being stored, there are different types of safety that is set in place. These warehouses and distribution centers are required to have air-tight entrances and exits, their storage system Midwest be cleaned and all items are stored in the first in, first out method. Why is this important? Often times, with types of centers, these centers are holding food and beverages. Without the proper units installed, food and beverages can start to get lost on static shelving.

At the end of the day, to keep employees safe, it’s imperative that any warehouse or distribution center installs the right storage units to follow OSHA guidelines and safety protocols set in place.

For more information on how storage units can help with supply chain management, logistics or optimize a warehouse’s space- give our team a call.

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