What is mobile shelving?

At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. our goal is to save any organization or business time, money and improve their current space. One of the most versatile and popular storage units on the market are mobile shelving units.

What are mobile shelving units? Well, these units can give you back up to 50 percent of your current space. This possible with the design of these units and the different types that are available.

What is mobile shelving

So, what is mobile shelving? Mobile shelving is installed onto a carriage system that is installed into the flooring of the space. This carriage system allows for the units to move back and forth seamlessly. This is why the units are called mobile shelving. This challenges traditional shelving units in several ways:

  • Allows for configuration

  • Increases your space that traditional shelving units are taking up

  • Help keep businesses organized

  • Can help increase employee productivity

  • Can help with a higher return of investment

This is all possible by installing storage units because these storage units can deliver up to three times the storage capacity of your traditional shelving units. In return, this reduces the waste and allows for individualized customization and configuration of mobile shelving units. This helps to increase employee productivity because employees are less likely to “hunt and gather” for their needed supplies if there is a system and mobile shelving unit that provides them with all of their needed supplies in one central location.

Finally, this helps to keep your business more organized and can help to increase return of investments on the storage units purchased from Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc.

The units

Another benefit of mobile shelving units is that there are several different kinds of these units from the everyday mobile shelving to heavy duty shelving used in warehouses.


The standard units are typically called high-density mobile shelving units. These units are the original mobile shelving units on the market, and because of this, all other units were designed with this original unit in mind. This unit can hold up to 30,000 pounds of material, can be customized with shelves and bins inside its shelves and has three different ergonomic handles from manual to touch-screen.


These units are typically used in warehouse and distribution centers because they offer all the benefits of the standard units but can hold the needed weight of items being stored. There are three different units and each one can handle temperatures down to negatives! The perfect unit for cold storage and warehouses.


These units are commonly used in high-education settings. This is because the units provide the security old periodicals, books and research notes can be stored in without being damaged from temperatures and humidity. A mobile shelving unit that can help control these conditions seems insane, but it’s the truth!

Suspended mobile:

This storage unit is part of the high-density family but has changed its traditional methods. The suspended mobile shelving units have their carriage system on the top of the unit. This allows for space to be underneath the unit and to suspend on the ground, hence the name. This unit is smaller than the others, but it’s again one of the most versatile being used in schools to crossfit gyms.

Low-profile mobile:

Low-profile mobile shelving units are perfect for a temporary solution. If you’re planning on moving to a new building or renovations in process, these units are the perfect to lease! The same system is in place as the standard option, but the design is simpler.

Overall, the best storage units for a number of different industries is mobile shelving units. Whether they’re called high-density mobile shelving or suspended mobile, these units offer businesses the customization needed for their individual needs.  

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