Why climate-controlled storage is a must

If you are looking to increase your storage space at your warehouse or facility, be sure to choose storage solutions that offer climate-controlled storage. Furniture, personal items and sensitive products can be damaged by climates that are too hot or too cold or that contain too much or too little humidity. Mold and mildew are just two examples of unwanted elements that can infiltrate a non-climate controlled storage facility! If you need to store things like cardboard, cloth or paper, be sure that your solutions are climate controlled to protect your products.

As a warehouse or commercial facility, it is incredibly important that the products you are storing stay in good condition, especially if those things will be shipped out to customers. If a customer gets an item that has been damaged in any way, but especially due to moisture or other climate issues, that will be a loss for your facility. 

Other than products that will be shipped out, you don’t want your own personal items to suffer any damage. Some commercial facilities only need certain products or items during certain times of the year, so they will be stored away. If you constantly need to repurchase items that will be used in the office or facility, that is another loss for your company. Climate controlled storage is the best way to ensure that you aren’t losing money replacing items for your or the customer. 

The ABCs of climate-controlled storage

If you are wondering if you need climate-controlled storage or if that feature isn't necessary for your needs, keep reading! Climate control within storage solutions acts just like it does in a home or commercial building - it decreases the humidity in the air while also preventing items from drying out. In addition to the items in your facility, climate control can also protect the boxes that they are in. Cardboard is a tricky material to deal with as it can absorb moisture and become a breeding ground for bugs and other unwanted critters. There is nothing worse than going to get something out of storage only to find out that it has been damaged beyond repair. Don't let this happen to you!

When an environment becomes too hot and humid, mold and mildew can begin to form. And in the greater Omaha area, one that undergoes many weather fluctuations, your furniture can become bowed and warped. Even if you are only storing cloth and other soft items in your storage solutions, you will benefit from a climate-controlled environment. Climate control protects your items and keeps them in good condition until you need them again.

The team at Midwest Storage Solutions knows how to handle your storage needs successfully! We offer a full range of storage systems that can be completely customized to fit your storage needs. No matter what kind of storage you need for your facility, we will work with you to come up with a full system to provide all the storage that works for you. We offer systems that are climate controlled and eco-friendly. We also provide innovative solutions like our Activrac and High Density Storage to make the most out of your space. Contact us today and we can get started working on your customized storage solution for your warehouse or facility!

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