Why Everyone Needs LevPRO Storage!

The moment has finally come, you are out of space with so much more to store. The dilemma becomes: Do you move your business? Expand your current storage area? Or find more storage? The best answer is to find more storage! Often times, people buy storage that won’t work for their business, and this causes an even bigger dilemma. Get it right the first time with LevPRO. It doesn’t matter if you are working in a hospital, a school, athletic center, or police station, LevPRO can be installed in all of these places and more.  

What Is The Meaning Behind The Suspended Shelves?

LevPRO is made with suspending shelves. This means that there is an overhead track installed on each of the storage units. You can increase your storage, but reduce your footprint in your current space. You don’t have to deal with hassle or a construction project ahead of you!

What Are The Different Models Of LevPRO Storage Units?

LevPRO has four different size storage units that can be used in your current space. While all four are different sizes, they all compact to any space needed!

  • LevPRO Series 8: This is the smallest LevPRO storage system available. While it might be small, it is still mighty! This series compacts your storage space with four shelves inside the system.
  • LevPRO Series 10: This is the mid-size storage system. This unit is two feet larger than the LevPRO Series 8 and comes with fives shelves inside.
  • LevPRO Series 12: This is the largest LevPRO storage system available. It is 12 feet wide! It comes with six shelves for maximum storage space.

The final LevPRO storage unit can be custom made for any situation! If you need a different length or a specialized one, it can be done. This also goes for the number of shelves inside.

If you think LevPRO is right for you, but need more shelving inside the unit itself, don’t worry! We can get customized pieces such as: bin dividers for music sheets, file dividers for offices, label holders, and more!

Who Can Use LevPRO?

You may find yourself wondering if LevPRO will be the correct storage unit for your needs, and it can be! LevPRO is a versatile storage system. It can be used in law enforcement spaces, hospitals, schools, and more. We installed LevPRO in the Bryan Medical Center- West Campus for their Sterile Unit.

What Are The Benefits of LevPRO Storage?

There is less time wasted. LevPRO has shorter aisles which means you can reach what you need faster. The multiple aisles can be accessed at one time; this means you won’t have to wait for others to retrieve their items.

It keeps your items protected. The items you store in our units are always protected, allowing you to have peace of mind.

You can make the most out of your space. LevPRO allows you to make every inch of your room compacted and stop wasting space. We can install your new system around furniture, HVAC pipes and more!

If  you decide you want to leave your current space you can take LevPRO with you! The LevPRO system can easily move with you to your new space or be moved to fit another area. You can bring or move the whole system with you, including the overhead racks.

If you are looking for a cleaner space and need to keep your space organized, LevPRO is the answer. They are perfect for schools and hospitals because they can handle harsh cleaning products, and allow for cleaning tools to reach underneath the system where dust can be hiding.


LevPRO is distributed by Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. Midwest has been helping their customers find their correct storage needs since 1997. LevPRO is so versatile and can be used in any storage situation. We know that #StorageMatters and can help a business save time, money, and be more efficient. Contact us today for more information!

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