Why High-Desnity Mobile Shelving is the Best!

There are so many different kinds of storage out in the world, we’re here to help you find the right one, the first time. The vasts storage options  is because there is a market to sell all different kinds of storage units for different types of items. In reality, this is great, but can be stressful if you’re in the market to buy or lease new storage. On a large scale, there are less storage units that can be tailored to your wants and needs. Stop spending money on storage that isn’t working for you and buy the right ones the first time.

You can purchase lateral cabinets, but this means trying to find all your files and opening every drawer. There is open-shelving, but in small spaces and offices, do you really have room for all those shelving units? On the other hand, there is High-Density Mobile Shelving! What makes High-Density Mobile Shelving better than other traditional shelving and storage units?

1. High-Density Mobile Shelving Stores Everything!

In the beginning high-density was made to be more like lateral cabinets with only storing files and paperwork, but it slowly evolved. Now high-density storage holds just about anything you need. The design is what allows for so many different items to be stored. The system itself can be installed into any existing storage area. You can customize from the size and how to open the storage units themselves. Don’t believe us, check out our success stories!

    2.  High-Density Mobile Shelving Increase Your Current Storage Space!

High-Density Mobile Shelving can make even the smallest of spaces even bigger. For example, check out our success story, “Archive Storage- 8,000 Boxes In A 16-Foot-Wide Building.” The best example to use for this type of shelving is a vacuum sealer. If you put your winter clothes inside one and remove all the extra air, you now have twice the space inside the bag, and more clothes can fit in the garage or storage area. This is the same idea as high-density mobile shelving.  

   3.  Exactly How Much More Space?

There are three different modes to use with High-Density Mobile Shelving. The modes are manual, mechanical and powered. While all three open and close the storage units differently, they do not take up any more room.

  • Manual Mobile System: There are four rows of 4 foot long manual units with two entry corridors. This totals to 3,242 Shelf Feet! (1,043 m).

  • Mechanical- Assist System: There are three sections of larger capacity and two entry rows. This totals to 4,152 Shelf Feet! (1,265 m).

  • Powered System: This is maximum density with minimum space for aisles needed. No entry way between. The total is 4,976 Shelf Feet! (1,516m).

4. Your Next Storage Space.

From standard mobile shelving to off-site archive shelving, high-density can fit all your needs. At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., we know that #StorageMatters. The right storage can increase employee productivity, reduce wasted time, and keep your items safer.


Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., has been helping people find and install their dream storage units since 1997. Our trained professionals can help tailor to your needs and wants, contact us today!  

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