Why you need hospital bed storage

Hospital bed storage is an ongoing issue in many healthcare institutions. Hospitals are required to keep a particular number of beds on-site to meet the percentage of patients available. Unfortunately, this count may be higher than the square footage in the hospital.


This results in crowded hallways and storage rooms. Improper storage of hospital beds raises a safety concern for both patients and nurses as well as minimizes patient care. Here are some reasons why you need hospital bed storage.


Maximize space


Midwest Storage Solutions creates Motorized Overhead Vertical Bed Racks designed to utilize vertical storage space. This storage lift stacks hospital beds on top of each other, which saves  on floor space. 


You can clear your hallways and organize crowded storage rooms with the single push of a button. We create bed lifts in three different heights to store multiple beds.


Improves patient care


Nurses waste a lot of time looking for hospitals beds for their patients during treatment. Bed lifts ensure nurses have quick and easy access to hospital beds; therefore, spending more time focusing on patient care.


Improper storage can also cause damage to electrical equipment in hospital beds, which affects their use in your facility. Hospital bed storage is safe and promotes secure storage solutions to maintain your equipment and increase your facility's operation. This improves health outcomes in patients.




Hospital beds in crowded hallways are a potential fire hazard. This creates an unsafe environment for staff members and patients. Using hospital bed storage lifts increases safety by eliminating any possible injuries and penalties.




The Motorized Overhead Vertical Bed Rack is an automated storage device that stacks and retrieves beds with one click. It is easy to operate and is minimally invasive because of its vertical design. You can use an inventory to keep track of the stacked beds and help your institution become more efficient and organized. 


Another area where you need storage space is the operating room! Correct storage is very important, it can be the difference between life and death. In certain cases, the patient can leave more sick than when they arrived. Three things you might want installed into your operating room are; wire-racking shelving with quantum medical bins and static shelving. 


You can protect your sterile items by controlling the humidity levels inside the storage units. Items are also tracked and sterilized. This makes your daily routine  go smoother in the operating room because your items are ready for use. 


As a nurse server, storage is just as important! It’s a good idea to have a sterile cabinet right next to them. This will give nurses a quick and clean way to reach medical supplies. It also keeps it all organized which is beneficial because with their work they are on the move and this helps them get their job done more efficiently. 


Hire us


At Midwest Storage Solutions, we design hospital bed storage that addresses the specific needs of your healthcare institution. We also engineer FlowCARE Nurse Servers that enhance security and maintain your medical equipment. Contact us for all your hospital storage room needs.


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