Update: Why You Need The Correct Storage In Your Museum!

Did you know that there are 35,000 active museums in the United States? This means that chances are pretty high that you have been to one! You may be wondering how exactly all the different pieces and artifacts are cared for and kept in great condition and most of the time it directly relates to their museum storage systems. 


The purpose of a museum is to hold and care for objects and historical artifacts. The importance of holding these items is for preservation, but also to put these items on display for educational purposes. The list of different types of museums range from historical to science and technology! Because of the sensitive items and artifacts and preservation, museums need the correct storage units to properly hold their items.


There are many reasons why you need the correct museum storage systems. This is because it will help to preserve and keep items from becoming damaged. Our storage units protect your items from direct physical forces to dissociation and custodial neglect. All of these reasons  could mean a disaster for your items and artifacts!

  • A direct physical hit means damage during an earthquake and can include small movements over time from back and forth and vibrations. 
  • Pests like to burrow into places and make items in boxes or the boxes themselves into their homes. You can seal your storage units or they’re easy to clean to keep pests away.
  • A fire is something that you cannot control. The storage units allow for a fire suppression system. It also allows for custom shelving so the sprinkler system can work properly.
  • Oftentimes, a flood comes out of nowhere and there really isn’t a way to damage control this issue. However, Spacesaver offers four to six extra inches on the bottom of all storage units to help with this issue.
  • Over time, contaminants can gather inside your storage units if you’re not careful. Spacesaver units offer non-off-gassing paint to avoid chemical contamination. Spacesaver offers sealed cabinets to help keep other contaminants away!
  • There is always a possibility with rare artifacts that someone will try to steal the artifacts. Keep your items protected the first time with different lock systems!
  • The wrong temperature can start to deteriorate items. This is why we offer refrigerated or freezer storage units to help keep items safe.
  • Moisture can build up in cabinets and cause mold and other issues. You can get sealed museum cabinets to help maintain your items.
  • It might seem strange to others that light can ruin an object, but all museum employees know this, and it can be a serious issue!
  • The last problem is when someone does not know how to properly care for items and clean around them or clean the items!


High-Density Mobile Storage can be used for museum storage! It can be turned into a refrigerated or freezer unit. It can help with cleaning issues, and keep pests away! Check out how we helped a museum with its delicate items!

X-Tend High Bay is perfect for off-site museum storage needs. You won’t need to worry about getting rid of your items because you’ll be able to store them safely off-site.  

If you are fascinated by artifacts and pieces from the past, a museum may be a place you find yourself often. Next time you are in one, take a minute to appreciate the amount of time and consideration the curators and staff must put in to keep these pieces pristine. If you need help organizing museum pieces, contact Midwest Storage Solutions today and we can help you custom design your museum storage systems!

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