Evidence Storage

When it comes to the police department and other public safety and federal agencies, evidence is a top priority when investigating different crimes. Finding evidence is not always easy and evidence can range from items big and small, video and audio tapes, or just word of mouth. After finding said evidence, it must be kept secure and of good quality. 

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A Vital Part of All Criminal Investigations From Beginning to End: Evidence!

I’m sure most of us have watched a popular television crime show a time or two. The common ones are NCIS; Law & Order: Special Victims Unit; and Criminal Minds; but the list goes on and on. Often times, a person is either acquitted of or found not guilty because someone tampered with or lost evidence. This can throw away a whole case and let a guilty person go. In real life, evidence is one of the most important parts to a case! This is why it needs to be stored properly.

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