Healthcare Storage Planning and Design


Midwest Storage Solution's healthcare supply chain and storage experts support our clients by first listening, then evaluating, and finally understanding your Ideal State. Once defined, our on-staff experts will create a healthcare storage solution design that optimizes the space available and supports your objectives and improves your processes.  Based in Omaha, Nebraska since 1997, Midwest Storage Solutions has implemented thousands of healthcare storage solutions throughout Nebraska, Iowa, and the Dakotas.  Our highly experienced team works daily with top Healthcare Architectural firms and Medical Equipment planners from master-planning states to implementation and "go-live" dates.  No projects is too big or small for Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc.  


Strategic supply management impacts every aspect of healthcare. When designed properly, comprehensive healthcare storage solutions help hospitals and other healthcare facilities improve patient care and related processes, control costs, and save space.   This is where our over 30 years of Storage Solution design & implementation get tested by you, our client.  

At the onset of any healthcare storage project, Midwest Storage Solutions will first review and understand the project's safety requirements with the Construction Manager, General Contractor, Architect, and end users.  

No matter if it's a single department renovation (example: ER, ICU, L&D) or a complete build-out of a new 400 bed stand-alone hospital, our full-time healthcare storage consultants will methodically and systematically review your facility's current supply chain process and address any short-comings and goals with respects to space utilization, ease of access, security, capacity, and adaptability.  Midwest Storage  Solutions will always strive to adhere to Lean principles, efficient workflow, and the removal of wasteful processes with the intent to ultimately impact the level of patient care. and satisfaction.   

  • Health care flows -- The foundation of Lean rests on the notion that continuous process improvement requires continuous change — driving the need for flexible and adaptive health care environments. Understanding Lean, and wasteful processes inherent in health care, is key to laying the foundation from which to launch innovation in new health care environments.  Credit to Paul Fallon, RA, LEED AP, EDAC, 


  • We do NOT charge any consultation fees or project management fees throughout the course of this process!   Yes, it is true.  Of course, we hope that we will be your preferred material supplier.  Why? We feel it is our duty to prove that we can manage this "scope of work" for your facility.  More importantly, our goal is to become a long-term vendor/partner with you and create a trusting working relationship so that both parties my prosper from doing business together..  Call us today at 1-800-209-5137 to start your Storage Improvement Process



Midwest Storage represents only the finest manufacturers in the Healthcare Storage Solution industry.  We are the sole-source Spacesaver® contractor for the state of Nebraska and Iowa both.  Over the last 20 years,  Midwest Storage has secured "Tier-1" distributor status with a handful of other healthcare storage solution manufacturers (such as Quantum Medical®) so that our existing and new healthcare clients can eliminate multiple vendors. 

The following manufacturing partners below help make Midwest Storage Solutions your preferred one-stop-shop for planning & designing your next  healthcare project:   

  • Spacesaver® High-Density storage solutions
  • Quantum Medical® and Quantum Storage Systems®, for high-quality wire-rack shelving and PARtition Wall® Kanban storage products.
  • Harloff Medical Carts®, for steel and aluminum medical treatment carts and MedstorMax® specialty  carts, catheter and scope storage cabinets, etc.
  • Vidir® Vertical Hospital Bed Storage
  • Steel Solutions USA®, for powder-coated modular steel casework for hospital pharmacy and lab applications
  • Hamilton Casework Solutions®, for modular healthcare-grade casework for pharmacy and lab applications.  
  • Moduflex© Nurse Server, which is a one-of-a-kind pre-engineered pass-thru nurse server system for storing patient room supplies. 



As one of the Project Managers representing Alegent Health on multiple Hospital / Health Care facilities projects Midwest Storage Solutions provided all of our supply storage shelving and high density storage systems. He worked well with all Operations Directors helping to streamline and simplify our storage areas from an operational standpoint while listening to O.D. input to design the best systems for the space provided. From the initial pre-design meeting to asses a given department's needs, to reducing PAR levels and streamline operations up through end user training Tylor was with us all the way while always listening to Director and staff input through the process.

Rob Chapman
Project Manager
Construction and Design
Alegent Health, Facilities Planning and Management

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Offsite Delivery by Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc.

Offsite Delivery by Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc.

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. can and will ship shelving, medical carts, etc. to our offsite warehouse so we do not tie-up your valuable dock-space.


Our full-time, in-house technicians at Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. will pre-assemble all products to be delivered to your facility. This includes: Quantum Wire Shelving, Quantum unit-dose bins, Harloff Medical Carts, Specialty Medical Carts, Linen Carts, High-Density Wire Shelving, Spacesaver FrameWRX and Spacesaver Shelving, and much more.
Pre-Assembly of Medical Carts

Pre-Assembly of Medical Carts

Our full-time, in-house technicians at Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. will pre-assemble all medical Metro cart accessories before final delivery to the hospital or clinic.
Delivery of shelving and carts

Delivery of shelving and carts

Midwest Storage Solutions will deliver your Wire Medical Carts, Specialty Carts, etc. cleaned & wrapped and then we will deliver and install them into each designated area or department throughout your facility.
LOCAL: Columbus Steps Towards Lean Hospital Materials Management

LOCAL: Columbus Steps Towards Lean Hospital Materials Management

Columbus Community Hospital is a 65-bed hospital, sprawled over 80 acres in the community of Columbus, Nebraska. It features a new hospital facility and a medical office building.

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