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Midwest Storage Solution’s healthcare storage professionals not only specialize in shelving & storage cabinets for Labs & Pharmacy; we also aid in the design & installation of Modular Lab & Pharmacy casework solutions.  

Our Modular Lab Casework and Modular Pharmacy Cabinets are designed to co-exist with our Spacesaver® Healthcare Storage Solutions.  Our Lab solution specialists have worked with many medical facilities throughout Nebraska and Iowa both to optimize their entire department’s needs from lab's blood bank, to the chemistry lab, to hematology.  Your Lab Director of Pharmacy Director will work directly with our design engineers to formulate a plan that includes modular casework, countertops, fixtures, suspended cabinets, wall cases and other integral pieces that will allow you to customize space.  Today’s hospital labs and pharmacies must be able to adapt and quickly modify their workspace surroundings to changing technology, new lab equipment, specimen analyzers, and the ergonomic requirements of each staff member.  Such environments may require modular walls for pulling data & power, anti-microbial steel cabinets to support infection control concerns, and sit-n-stand workstations to allow staff to adjust his-or-her workstation on demand.  


Midwest Storage Solution’s, Inc. is a modular casework dealer/distributor in Nebraska and Iowa for Hamilton Casework Solutions .  Hamilton's modular millwork is built to a "healthcare standard" and features 3mm PVC edge-banding on all exposed surfaces & edges.  Modular power-chases can be designed into stand alone work-islands or wall-mounted storage cabinets.  Midwest Storage Solution’s casework products feature a Limited-Lifetime warranty and boast some of the highest quality Hettich® and Hafele® brand hardware (i.e. soft-close hinges and soft-closing drawer glides) available in the marketplace.  

We'll help you design the Lab of your Dreams

HAMILTON MODULAR LAB CASEWORK® products meet the safety, security and storage needs of today's modern Sidney Regional Hospital, Nebraskalab environment.

Midwest Storage Solutions offers the options and capabilities to build high performance and precise work spaces.

  • Cabinets can be constructed to virtually any dimension to accommodate specific equipment and supplies. Classroom setups may need to be changed several times a day. Place your teaching materials within easy reach with cabinets designed to your specifications.
  • Locked glass doors allow you to see the contents while keeping hazardous supplies and expensive equipment secure. Students can be given personal storage in the classroom with locked casework drawers and cabinets.
  • HAMILTON's ultra chemical resistant and durable phenolic resin (Trespa®) is the work surface of choice for today’s labs.
  • Modular Data and Electrical Raceways built into work islands and base cabinets house ethernet, electrical and plumbing pathways. The raceways are easily accessible to maintenance personnel, but keep work areas free of visible wires and plumbing.
  • With our custom capabilities, we can build the lab of your dreams. We did just that for for the new Sidney Regional Hospital in Sidney, NE.  



Metal Modular Casework with an epoxy resin powder coating is durable and long lasting so it can easily stand up to daily habitual use. One of the metals that is frequently used for the casework is steel, which has been reclaimed and recycled. In addition, Metal Casework cabinet sides, doors, and drawer fronts can also be designed and finished to give the appearance of laminate casework. One industry in particular that frequently uses Metal Modular Casework is laboratories. Metal Modular Casework goes so well in laboratories because it can be designed to suit the needs of the machines and the people working in the room.

Our Anti-microbial coated steel cabinets from Steel Solutions USA feature a riveted construction that increases strength and stability of the cabinets compared to traditional fastener screws. The modularity allows for field repair and/or replacement of damaged components, if needed.  All of our steel cabinets are coated with an antimicrobial (Silver Agion®) protected paint, which is nontoxic and proven to be highly effective in reducing the number of contaminates typically found on hospital work-surfaces and is also proven to be effective at destroying drug-resistant bacteria, fungi, mold and other microbes.

If you plan to build a new medical facility or are renovating your existing hospital lab or hospital pharmacy; Midwest Storage Solution's lab design experts will work side-by-side with your Lab and Pharmacy Director and project management team.  

Founded in 1997, Midwest Storage Solutions Inc, is based in Omaha, Nebraska and services all healthcare facilities throughout Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota. Our success stems from years of experience managing healthcare projects throughout the Midwest and working with some of the most prominent healthcare facilities and healthcare architecture firms in the united states..  Call Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. today to request a complimentary consultation with our lab design experts at 1-800-209-5137.

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