Lab and Pharmacy Workspaces

Inpatient Pharmacy:

With Spacesaver pharmaceutical storage systems you can have all of your most important medications at your fingertips.  Spacesaver’s FrameWRX storage system features adjustable rails & shelves that will accommodate hanging bins of various sizes for storing anything from bulk IV fluids, to oral or injectable medications and unit-dose medication packages.

Flexible Spacesaver design options help even the tightest of pharmacy & lab work areas get the most out of their available floor space. Our FrameWRX-HD system features a modular floor & rail platform that sits on top of the existing floor. The shelving in the rear remains stationary while the modular shelving carriages in the front slide left-to-right to allow access to the rear pharmacy shelving sections.  FrameWRX-HD features all the same functionality but quickly doubles the storage capacity when compared to conventional stationary wire shelving or built-in casework shelving.  By accommodating various package sizes and allowing for color-coded labeling, our Spacesaver products can create a completely organized system of stocking & storing products.  Furthermore, look-alike drug names and packaging that are potentially problematic; are stored separately and segregated accordingly (e.g. not alphabetical).

Retail Pharmacy:

Our Spacesaver High-Density mobile shelving systems are the perfect solution for retail pharmacy spaces that are growing, short on space, or needing additional shelving space for over-the-counter medications & prescriptions.  Most retail pharmacy spaces are using conventional, stationary shelving or millwork shelves that are not flexible or adjustable.  More importantly, there is wasted aisle space between each row of stationary shelving that is highly valuable and underutilized.  Compact shelving will turn that wasted aisle space into productive shelving space and double-your storage capacity instantly.  For those pharmacy techs who are concerned about creating a “bottleneck” by installing Spacesaver shelving, our shelving healthcare solution specialists in Nebraska & Iowa can visit with you in person and discuss using features like our “Binfront” shelving design which allows the most commonly used medications to be stored in the front-face of the system so that staff doesn’t have to continuously move the shelving back & forth to access that drug.     

Hospital Lab Solutions:

Midwest Storage Solution’s healthcare storage professionals not only specialize in shelving & storage cabinets for Labs & Pharmacy; we also aid in the design & installation of Modular Lab & Pharmacy casework solutions.  Our Modular Lab Casework and Modular Pharmacy Cabinets are designed to co-exist with our Spacesaver Healthcare Storage Solutions.  Our Lab solution specialists have worked with many midwest facilities to optimize their entire department’s needs from blood bank, to the chemistry lab, to hematology.  Today’s hospital labs and pharmacies must be able to adapt and quickly modify their workspace surroundings to changing technology, new lab equipment, specimen analyzers, and the ergonomic requirements of each staff member.  Such environments may require modular walls for pulling data & power, anti-microbial steel cabinets to support infection control concerns, and sit-n-stand workstations to allow staff to adjust his-or-her workstation on demand.  

Midwest Storage Solution’s, Inc. is a modular millwork dealer/distributor in Nebraska for Hamilton Casework Solutions  Their modular millwork is constructed of healthcare-grade substrate with 3mm PVC edge-banding on all exposed surfaces & edges.  Modular power-chases can be designed into stand-alone work-islands or wall-mounted storage cabinets.  Midwest Storage Solution’s casework products features 10 year to Limited-Lifetime warranties and boast some of the highest quality hardware (i.e. soft-close hinges and drawer glides) available in the marketplace.   

Whether you are designing or renovation a medical facility’s lab or pharmacy;, we can help you design and install eco-friendly, Modular Casework for your facility.  Founded in 1997, Midwest Storage Solutions Inc, is based in Omaha, Nebraska and services all healthcare facilities throughout Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota. Our success stems from years of experience managing healthcare projects throughout the midwest and working with some of the most prominent healthcare facilities and healthcare architecture firms in the united states.  

Call Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. today at 1-800-209-5137 to discuss your hospital pharmacy or lab project and we’ll help you every step-of-the-way.

Maximized Patient Care Space With Stationary and Mobile Shelving Systems

Pharmaceutical Storage of Compound Chemical at Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Pharmaceutical Storage of Compound Chemical at Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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