Materials Management

Proper materials management involves careful planning & execution to ensure that medical supplies are readily available to medical staff when needed and that the supplies do not “stock-out” or expire. Workflows, limited storage space and countless other challenges can become painful obstacles. High capacity rolling shelves are a fast and easy way to improve materials management storage without having to invest in

High capacity rolling shelving is a versatile storage solution that can be adapted to nearly any application. Instead of multiple aisles between rows of shelving that takes up space, high capacity shelves compact into one or two movable aisles that can be accessed where they're needed. Many hospitals have been able to centralize multiple rooms of storage into just one. This not only frees up the space for other uses, but allows staff to find and retrieve the items they need faster. Click here to see more high capacity solutions for

The high capacity carriages can also be used with almost any type of shelving. Many hospitals and healthcare applications install wire shelves on the carriages to promote cleanliness and reduce dust accumulation or spills.

Available in mechanical assist or powered options, the shelving is easy to move and can be locked closed for security.

High capacity rolling shelves provide a storage solution that allows staff to easily find items and identify what they do and don't have. This prevents overstocking, stock-outs,  and product loss or inventory shrinkage since items are more easily tracked. Centralizing your storage eliminates the need to spend extra time finding expired or recalled products, allowing staff to get back to patients faster. Additionally, high capacity shelves allow you to implement lean practices into your workflow, protect patients, and be in control of inventory at all times.