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Surgical Storage Cabinets on Wheels

Medical Centers, Hospitals, and Specialty Hospitals throughout Nebraska and Iowa (specifically their Surgery Departments) are in constant need of finding usable, adaptable, and space-efficient shelving and surgical cart solutions. Midwest Storage Solutions offers healthcare storage solutions from from the likes of leading healthcare storage manufacturing specialists like Spacesaver Corporation and the Harloff company.  Their healthcare storage solutions are manufactured and designed to be space-maximizing, secure, easily accessible by nursing staff, and sterilized to meet today’s infection control standards.  

If you are looking for mobile (i.e. medical carts on wheels or tambour door carts on wheels) surgical storage solutions; Harloff’s MedstorMax medical carts are an ideal product.  MedstorMax carts from Midwest Storage Solutions feature an adjustable pull & tilt bin system that features adjustable dividers to storing items such as stents, catheters, sutures, etc.  This unique design consists of plastic side panels, combined with pull-out stoppers to allow modular trays to be extended and viewed at any angle without falling off the cart.  Our healthcare storage solution experts in Nebraska and Iowa will meet with your department [free-of-charge] to help tailor your medical cart requirement to your procedure specific storage needs.  Healthcare storage solutions such as: Harloff Catheter Storage Carts, Harloff Scope Storage Cabinets, or our full-line of Harloff Treatment and Medication carts.  Other products such as ENT Carts, Medical Crash Carts, Anesthesia Carts, Malignant Hyperthermia Carts, Wire Carts, Linen Carts, and many other healthcare storage solutions are available from Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc.  

  • Harloff Scope Storage Cabinets:
    Our MedstorMAX, healthcare storage scope cabinet can store and dry scopes for the endoscopy department. With space for 16 scopes, the cabinet can be customized to meet your storage needs. These cabinets also feature fans and HEPA filters which quickly dry scopes. Scope storage cabinets can accommodate colonoscopies, EUS scopes, TEE probes, bronchoscopes and cystoscopes and are maneuverable.

Procedure Room Storage Cabinets  

Durable Spacesaver healthcare storage solutions are ergonomically designed to improve visibility, accessibility and organization of your sterile storage for supplies right in the operating room. Glass or Plexiglas doors keep supplies dust free, and allow you to quickly identify coronary stents, dressing, catheter storage and other items. Customize your procedure room storage cabinets with pullout racks, adjustable shelf dividers, modular storage drawers, or roll-down medical tambour doors to increase your efficiency and productivity. Adjustable shelving easily accommodates changing medical supply package sizes.

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. offers surgical room storage products that are either stationary, in-wall, or pass-thru procedure room cabinets; Our surgical storage solutions feature a modular construction made of painted steel, stainless steel, or healthcare grade laminate.  Too often storage needs for surgical suites are overlooked. Quick and easy access to sterile supplies is critical during a surgical procedure. Spacesaver’s operating room storage solutions are designed to address infection control concerns that exist with built-in millwork/laminate cabinets.  Our OR Room storage products can be finished with an anti-microbial paint and boast a non-nut or bolt construction.  Additional key features are: Glass Paneled Doors, Modular Drawers with Dividers, Pull-Out Kanban baskets systems, adjustable color-coded, bins, etc.  Our OR Room procedure cabinets will keep your hospital “operating” smoothly.  

Call one of our healthcare storage solution specialists in Nebraska and Iowa today at 1-800-209-5137.  

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Surgical Services Department uses Mobile for Sterile Supply Storage

Surgical Services Department uses Mobile for Sterile Supply Storage

The Surgical Services Department at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury, Maryland recently upgraded their sterile supply storage in the operating room core and replaced more than 70 wire carts with seven small Spacesaver mobile systems. Paul McGuire, Manager, Surgical Services, said that the old wire carts were inefficient on space utilization. 

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