Cooler Storage


With today’s SKU explosion and the increase of materials, the need for more space is an issue shared by many industries. In addition, companies that manufacture and distribute food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals are being challenged with cost and operational efficiencies in their temperature controlled areas.

ActivRAC’s innovative storage system accommodates existing storage for these SKUs and provides a compact solution to recover wasted cooler space. One moving aisle replaces multiple aisles required by static racking, creating up to 50% more storage while still providing 100 percent access and selectivity at all times.

• Cost savings: designed to work with existing pallet racking and industrial shelving.
• Available in steel or stainless steel construction to provide increased corrosion resistance in atmospheric and pure water environments, improved corrosion resistance to most acids, alkaline solutions, and chlorine-bearing environments.
• Hygiene: stainless steel is the first choice for strict hygiene conditions in hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, clean rooms, kitchens, abattoirs and other clean facilities.
• Free up space and maximize storage within the same storage footprint.
• Reduce the need for plant expansions, or leasing/purchasing of additional facilities.
• Ease of installation: installs on existing unleveled concrete.


Increased Climate- Controlled Storage Capacity for Independent Seed Testing Company

Increased Climate- Controlled Storage Capacity for Independent Seed Testing Company

One of the world’s largest independent seed testing companies was quickly running out of space in their climate-controlled storage facility. They needed more storage capacity and a better method to access, track and control samples, but wanted to avoid the potentially costly construction of an entirely new building.

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