Palletized Storage

ActivRAC® Industrial Mobile Storage System

The ActivRAC mobile carriage and rail system enables industrial warehouse racks to move side-to-side, eliminating empty aisles and maximizing square footage, while still providing 100% accessibility. ActivRAC accommodates existing industrial shelves, industrial racking and pallet racking with a load capacity ranging from 7,000 lbs. to 30,000 lbs.

Our ActivRAC Mobile Systems allow you to nearly double your storage capacity in the same footprint OR condense your existing storage of material into 50% less space allowing you to free up valuable real estate in your warehouse.  If you're out of space or looking to add onto your existing facility, you should look at new building/heating/cooling/taxes etc. VS mobile storage and the answer is clear.  Call us today for a free assessment to see why ActiveRAC should be your next investment.