Children Library Spaces

Library Shelving

As the demand for increased and improved services grow, Spacesaver offers a solution to all of your storage needs, while still meeting your budget. Restoring your library with Spacesaver storage systems will give you a modern space while having room for every collection with room to grow.

One of the best features of Spacesaver mobile storage systems is the cantilever shelving. Ideal for showcasing and organizing, cantilever shelving is designed to adapt and accommodate a wide array of media formats and expand, as your storage needs change.

Repurposing Libraries

From traditional to modern, libraries are evolving to be more uniquely innovative as well as efficient. With high-density mobile storage and custom library shelving from Spacesaver, building a custom solution for any library is easy.

Offsite Archiving

Whether you need long or short-term storage, offsite archival storage with XTend High Bay high density shelving from Spacesaver is an efficient solution to free up space and funds. XTend High Bay high-density storage systems are designed to storage large volumes of materials while maintaining appropriate access to them.