LevPRO is a rail-less, and cost effective mobile storage solution:

By suspending shelves on an overhead track, the aisles of the system compact to greatly increase the capacity of your storage without expanding the footprint of your space – and without a major construction project. The rail-less design and steel construction make it durable for years of use, while the modularity makes it easy to add onto and relocate. A variety of accessories are available to help you keep your stuff organized, no matter what that stuff may be. 

LevPRO® for Law Enforcement Facilities:

Ideal for law enforcement facilities that have outgrown their storage areas, LEVPRO saves space while keeping evidence and property organized and accessible. This cost-effective storage solution turns wasted space into high-density shelving, allowing officers and staff to maintain an orderly inventory system and respond quickly to requests. LEVPRO is fully configurable with a variety of accessories, and the system can be installed around existing equipment or furniture or even moved to a new location if necessary.

A cost-effective solution for smaller law enforcement agencies, Spacesaver’s LEVPRO offers compact storage at an affordable price. The system consists of rolling shelving units that are suspended on overhead tracks, which are in turn supported by steel uprights. An innovative trolley mechanism allows users to easily move the shelving from side to side.


LevPRO® for Sterile Storage, LevPRO® OR Supply Storage, LevPro® for Central Supply Storage: 

LEVPRO® Mobile Storage features a rail-less design with sliding shelves mounted at the top and lifted off the floor.  The rail-less design of LevPRO® is perfect for Sterile Storage Environments as they can still clean under and around the shelving system. This is not the case with conventional high-density shelving systems or floor-mounted wire racking systems.  Furthermore, LevPRO® utilizes Spacesaver® 4-Post and FrameWRX® shelving components that offer infinite adjustability to accommodate the various sizes of sterile storage items like: Surgical Instrument Tray Storage, Suture Storage, Peel Pack Storage, Stent and Wire Storage, Catheter Storage, etc.  Our Healthcare Storage Consultants here at Midwest Storage Solutions can further tailor your system by adding Kanban storage bins, pull-out catheter racks, wire baskets, etc.   

LevPRO® is affordable storage for Athletic Gear Storage: 

LEVPRO Mobile Storage features a top-mounted guidance system and no floor-mounted rails that can otherwise be tripping hazards for the Equipment Room Staff.  Rolling carts or team travel bags into the aisle is a breeze.  Simply pull the handle and move the carriages back& forth to access your teams’ athletic equipment.  Hanging Jersey Storage, Pull-Out drawers with adjustable dividers, Ball Racks, Baseball Bat Racks, and much more can all be stored, organized, and secured inside the LevPRO® storage system. Call Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. today at 800-209-5137 and ask one of our Athletic Equipment Storage Specialists for a FREE space analysis of your Equipment Room. 

LevPRO® for Sheet Music and Instrument Storage:

Whether you need additional floor space in your music department or better organization we can help you design a better way to store sheet music and instruments.  LEVPRO’s unique design is extremely space-efficient anddesigned to organize and store sheet music and instruments for easy access.  Spacesaver’s LevPRO® system has a high-density, rail-less design that’s reliable, durable, cost-effective, and extremely modular.  In addition, LevPRO’s patent-pending design allows you to store “bulky” and less-active items on the top level or wire-deck of the system; while still keeping your sheet music crisp, clean, and ready-to-read!  Let one of our Storage Specialists at Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. discuss how we can double your storage and/or cut your storage space in half by using LevPRO® from Spacesaver. 

If you have a question about our LevPRO® music storage equipment racks or would like to schedule a FREE needs analysis, please call us toll free at 1-800-209-5137

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LevPRO is an affordable mobile-aisle system

Athletic Storage

Athletic Storage

LevPRO can tackle your storage problems head-on. LevPRO features Spacesaver's modular 4-Post steel shelving with accessories like pull-out drawers, locking doors, adjustable dividers, bins, garment rods, etc.
Sterile Storage

Sterile Storage

LevPRO is a superior storage system for Sterile Instruments, OR Supply Rooms, and Surgical Storage Supplies. LevPRO's unique overhead guidance system allows for easy cleaning of the floor and wet-mopping between the shelving aisles as it requires NO floor mounted rails like conventional Spacesaver high-density shelving systems.
LOCAL: Bryan Medical Center

LOCAL: Bryan Medical Center

Bryan Health is a nonprofit, locally owned healthcare organization located in Lincoln, Nebraska. With an award-winning network of doctors and hospitals, a health college, acute care centers, and a variety of outpatient clinics, the organization upholds the highest standards of patient care—and that care begins far before staff enter a patient’s room. It begins behind the scenes with the way that supplies and equipment are organized to ensure that staff have quick access to the items they need, and that those items are clean and well-maintained.

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