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The "Old" Way Doesn't Work

Built-in-millwork cabinets make up the majority of the pass-thru and non pass-thru nurse server market and are typically provided by the cabinet-shop who's generally providing all the cabinetry throughout the hospital. Hence, little consideration is given to the organizational aspects of the server, how the server will be stocked & re-stocked, how secure the medications are inside the cabinet, and ultimately how the supply cabinet can be optimized to make the nurse's day-to-day tasks easier.  

Pass-through wall nurse server cabinets for re-stocking and storing patient room supplies are designed to make nurse's and supply technician's lives easier and more productive by providing a system that allows delivery of supplies directly into each room while supporting organization, ease of use, and security without sacrificing workflow.  Efficiency is key for every hospital, and supplies need to be delivered quickly to and from each patient room so staff can get their jobs done faster while also boosting the overall patient experience.  

What is  unique  about Moduflex Nurse Server?

Moduflex™ LLC, is based in Omaha, Nebraska and services healthcare architects, medical equipment planners, hospitals and medical centers across the United States.  Our full-time healthcare storage solution consultants work hand-in-hand with your design team and nurse liaisons to fine-tune the desired components and functionality of the nurse server early in the master-planning and design phase of your project.  There are no hidden consultation fees or project management costs.  Our front end services are free-of-charge.     

Moduflex is pre-configured and "kitted" from the manufacturer.  It is:

  • Available in HPL with 3mm pvc edge banding or anti-microbial painted steel with laminate or Thermofoil© exterior panels
  • Moduflex is blanket-wrapped and delivered on a dedicated truck to the jobsite
  • Each pre-assembled cabinet is unloaded by the onsite contractor or vendor and transported to each patient roo
  • The pass-thru patient server is positioned up-too and against the hollow metal door frame
  • Once positioned, the contractor can connect and hardwire the Moduflex units to our Plug-N-Play, HID® controlled access system for securing the medication and bio drawer storage units
  • All final scribe and trim pieces are supplied by Moduflex LLC for installation by the general contractor or vendor


Moduflex™ Nurse Server is a patent-pending, pre-engineered pass-thru nurse server product that is revolutionizing the patent room storage process. 

Moduflex™ is constructed of either Healthcare Grade Laminate (HPL) or Anti-Microbial, powder-coated steel.  Moduflex™ features dual-directional interior components consisting of a combination of pull-out trays, shelves, and wire-baskets.  The pull-out components have adjustable dividers and label holders to help the nursing staff & supply-chain organize, inventory, and store the patient’s supplies much more effectively when compared to the industry standard built-in millwork patient server that most healthcare facilities and healthcare architects have become accustomed too.  Available in Pass-Thru, Non-Pass-thru, or Mobile, the cabinet system is completely modular and can be completely customized in size, storage capacity, and flexibility. 



Pre-Wired HID® Controlled Locking for Plug-N-Play Medication Security

The Moduflex two-way drawer system features an adjustable divider system and can be secured by RFID (HID) card readers that can be interfaced with the facility’s existing access control system or a simple battery operated radio-controlled lock with PIN code access.  Furthermore, a stand-alone software and mobile app system is available to notify medical staff when the medications have been deposited into the patient storage cabinet.  





Pre-Engineered Pass-Thru Supply Cabinets

Our thru-wall, Moduflex nurse server cabinets are installed into the wall with access on either side. Previous solutions have used a similar technique, but with cabinets that pull out too-far into the hallway and cause concerns with fire codes and corridor compliance in addition to taking up too much valuable floor-space inside the patient room.  



Bi-Directional Interior Components

The Moduflex Bi-Directional pull-out baskets allow supply technicians to load the trays from the hallways, and nurses simply pull the trays into their side of the patient room to retrieve what they need. The inside of the trays can be configured with adjustable bins, dividers, bi-directional pull out linen and/or storage shelves, locking medication drawers, or hampers to organize supplies.








Integrated Smoke and Draft Seal

Depending on each hospital's jurisdiction and corridor compliance standards, our integrated and patent-pending smoke seal may be necessary.  Our ingenious closed-cell gasket design forms a solid seal between the corridor side of the nurse server and the body of the cabinet to impede smoke, draft, and noise into the patient room.  The Moduflex smoke-gasket can be installed on both the corridor side and patient-room side if necessary and when paired with our anti-microbial steel construction; Moduflex will help reduce the spread of Hospital Acquired Infenctions (HAI's).  













If your looking for more additional information, photos, etc.  please visit WWW.MODUFLEXNURSESERVER.COM or call us Toll Free at 1-800-209-5137 and speak with one of our Healthcare Storage Consultants about your next patient room renovation or healthcare construction project. 



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Moduflex Nurse Server

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