Spacesaver ActivRAC

How can Spacesaver's ActivRac® Mobilized Shelving work for You?

Spacesaver ActivRac® compact racking systems saves valuable floor-space by converting static (often times forklift accessible) aisles into productive storage space. The motorized rolling rack system mounts pallet-racking, cantilever racking, or adjustable steel shelving onto heavy-duty carriages and places them on floor tracks that are either recessed into the concrete or top-mounted to your existing slab.

The motorized ActivRac® carriages can be (up to 96’ long) and move sideways along the floor tracks creating a movable floating access aisle. Typical warehouse pallet rack storage areas have dozens of wasted access aisles with only one or two forklifts capable of accessing stored materials.  In most cases, the users do not have a one-to-one relationship with each pallet either..  Our ActivRac® system changes all of this.  It will reduce the number of access aisles to match the velocity requirements of your storage area. Rows of motorized mobile warehouse pallet racks are moved with a push of a button or by remote control to open access aisles when and where needed.

ActivRac® carriages have a load capacity ranging from 7,000 lbs. to 30,000 lbs. per carriage section; allowing for the easy storage of items ranging from small parts to heavy pallets of raw materials.  The ability to anchor this mobile racking system to existing concrete makes it a cost-effective solution for increasing capacity in any space, without the need for renovation or expansion.



Spacesaver's ActivRac is available in (3) different models: 


  • ActivRAC-7 is available in both Hand-Crank operation and Powered or Push-Button controls.  The ActivRAC 7M and 7P are ideal for those situations where you’re storing more weight than traditional shelving can handle. Holding up to 7,000 lbs. of weight per carriage, this mobile racking system can be used for so much more than industrial warehouse shelving. ActivRAC can hold everything from car tires for dealerships and gear stored on military bases to evidence for police stations and large, heavy museum artifacts.

ActivRAC 7M at a Nebraska Museum by Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc.

  • ActivRAC 16P (Powered) Manufacturers, distributors, and warehouse facilities all face a common problem at some point—the need for more storage space. Finding a long-term solution can be challenging, as most solutions require either an expansion or the investment in an off-site storage facility. ActivRAC 16P warehouse compact mobile shelving system offers a way to accommodate heavy items, tools, and equipment (up to 16,000 lbs. per carriage) by compacting storage and nearly doubling existing space.

ActivRAC -16P installed at a Military Base in Iowa 

  • ActivRAC 30P (Powered) Similar to ActivRAC 16P, the ActivRAC 30P warehouse compact mobile shelving system is able to store up to 30,000 lbs. per carriage—perfect for compacting the storage of extremely heavy items.

ActivRAC -30 Video 

Reduce Construction And Operating Costs With Motorized Mobile Warehouse Pallet Racks

Spacesaver ActivRac has helped many organizations reduce or eliminate new building construction costs, auxiliary warehouses, building expansions, and decrease ongoing operational costs (lighting, energy, insurance) by optimizing their storage floor space.  Are you wondering which high-density mobile storage system will work best for your facility’s needs? 

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High-end Automotive Dealer Gets Top-line Tire Storage Solution

High-end Automotive Dealer Gets Top-line Tire Storage Solution

At the time this Porsche automotive dealership was built in the Vancouver, BC area, proper tire storage consideration was an after-thought. Once they realized the importance of this much-needed space, they allocated the only available space in the building–a small mezzanine above the tire balancing area of service center–for their tire inventory.

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