Public Safety

Evidence Storage

Pass-Thru and Non-Pass Thru Evidence Storage

Spacesaver Public Safety Storage products from Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. are the most secure evidence lockers on the market to ensure that the proper-chain-of-custody is followed & maintained.  At times this may seem unnecessary, but when it means retaining the integrity of your evidence for a high-profile case, it’s worth every penny.   Make sure your staff’s mind is at ease with evidence locker storage systems from Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc. and Spacesaver

Long-Term Evidence Storage

Spacesaver Compact Mobile Storage effectively maximizes long-term evidence storage capacity in any property room and can be outfitted with a variety of features to better organize and secure evidence for an indefinite amount of time.

Spacesaver mobile shelving systems offer the flexibility to store anything from large bulky items like automobile parts to furniture; to smaller more valuable evidence storage items like weapons and narcotics. Examples of high-density, mobile storage capabilities include:

  • Hanging folders for case files and documentation
  • Shelving for bagged and boxed evidence
  • Mounted gun racks for weapons
  • Industrial pallet racking for bulky items

Short-Term Evidence Storage 

From the point evidence leaves the custody of the person who had it collected, until it’s properly logged and stored in the evidence and property room, evidence needs to be properly tracked and stored to maintain its integrity.

Evidence storage products from Spacesaver have been designed to provide a secure chain of custody during short-term evidence storage. Officers are able to deposit evidence without having to deal with keys or rely on an evidence technician.

Short-term evidence lockers can be both pass thru and non-pass thru and can be equipped with ControLoc evidence tracking technology.

Off-Site Evidence Storage

For materials you might need to keep secure for long-term (like Homicide storage related evidence), off-site storage systems are a great solution to store everything efficiently with room to grow. Whether it’s Spacesaver Eclipse mobile system, mechanical-assist or even ActivRAC mobile storage systems each one offers easily configurable shelving, cabinets and drawers to accommodate various sizes of evidence. 

Spacesaver mobile storage system are flexible enough to fit almost anything you might need to store. From evidence that comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, weapons and more, each carriages can be designed with whatever you’ll need to protect your materials.

When there’s nowhere left to go but up, Spacesaver XTend Mobile High-Bay storage systems can store materials with heavy duty shelving that can reach up to more than 30 feet high.

LOCAL: Bellevue Police Department Opens New Facility

Among the Best Evidence, Records, and Gear Storage Systems Anywhere

Among the Best Evidence, Records, and Gear Storage Systems Anywhere

With a facility of only 15,000 square feet, the previous police department had no more room to grow and they began using offsite storage. Even with offsite facilities, Parker PD needed a more complete solution that would allow them to have all of their department functions under one roof.

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Houston Police Department Sizes Up Evidence Storage Solution

Houston Police Department Sizes Up Evidence Storage Solution

Before the city of Houston built its new Houston Police Department (HPD) property room, evidence storage and property was housed in an antiquated building that had outlived its purpose. Not only was the facility unable to fit any additional evidence, but the lack of organization made it hard for staff to locate evidence when needed.

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