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Protecting and serving the public means accomplishing a number of processes and procedures through collaboration between departments and personnel. Spacesaver understands this complex working environment and has designed and engineered storage solutions that help law enforcement officials do their job more effectively. From evidence to personal gear, we’ve got the right storage solution.

Officers have personal gear they need to store securely and effectively day-to-day. This gear can range from uniforms, boots, duty bags, electronics, and even body armor. A locker system that is reconfigurable onsite can meet each officer’s storage needs without the need for special features or custom designs



  • Ability to reconfigure, on-site throughout the life of the locker
  • 18-gauge steel double-wall, WELDED box construction doors


  • Air extraction ready


  • Power & Data ready


  • Heights from 66" to 96" | Widths from 12" to 42" | Depths from  18" to 36"


  • External drawer for boots and body armor
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