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Refrigerated Storage

A full cooler is a more efficient cooler, and we can help eliminate every cubic foot of wasted space in your cold storage facility.  

Our Spacesaver compact shelving systems feature carriage & rail systems where the shelving or racking moves side-to-side.  The carriages can be operated either via 3-Spoked handle or Electronically with the push of a button. You’re able to use every available inch of your premium freezer and cooler space to store products and goods without having to build or lease a new warehouse. By mobilizing the shelving inside your refrigerated storage space with Spacesaver shelving, you can:

  • Typically double or triple your available shelving space in the same footprint
  • Increase your growth potential in the same footprint
  • Save on energy costs

Constructing or renting new cold storage space isn’t your only option. A cost-effective alternative is rethinking your cold storage shelving and maximizing that pricey square footage in a whole new way.  Spacesaver’s ActivRAC compact shelving is an ideal solution for refrigerated storage items like:

  • Refrigerated Evidence Storage (rape-kits, DNA, urine samples)
  • Blood Storage and Specimen Storage
  • Preserving Cold Museum Collections
  • Refrigerated Lab Specimens  
  • Bio-Enzyme Samples
  • Beer and Craft Beer “Keg” Storage
  • Dietary Food Storage
  • And many other items that require walk-in-coolers for proper cold-storage.

Spacesaver (DSM) Refrigerated evidence lockers.

Spacesaver refrigerated Evidence Lockers and ActivRAC High-Density storage systems from Spacesaver are offered by Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc.  Our refrigerated evidence storage lockers are in both Pass-Thru or Non Pass-Thru lockers and feature the same keyless locking system that secures individual refrigerated compartments from unauthorized access.

Refrigerated Evidence Lockers Standard Features:

  • Fully assembled and ready for use with stainless steel interior throughout
  • Maintains controlled temperature of 38°F - 42°F (3°C - 5.5°C) with circulation fans
  • 'Power On' digital temperature display with keyless locking system prevents
  • Powered by 115V / 15 amps
Spacesaver Refrigerated Evidence

Spacesaver Refrigerated Evidence

Midwest Storage worked with a police department in Bellevue, Nebraska to modernize their Referigerated Evidence Storage. MSS provided Spacesaver's pass-thru Evidence Storage lockers with a full-height refrigerated storage locker.