Spacesaver Case Study: The University of Iowa!

The University of Iowa faced a serious issue with the storage of their immense collection of volumes: lack of space. The University of Iowa has over 24 thousand Undergraduate students along with over seven thousand  Graduate students on campus.

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LOCAL: Bryan Medical Center

Bryan Health is a nonprofit, locally owned healthcare organization located in Lincoln, Nebraska. With an award-winning network of doctors and hospitals, a health college, acute care centers, and a variety of outpatient clinics, the organization upholds the highest standards of patient care—and that care begins far before staff enter a patient’s room. It begins behind the scenes with the way that supplies and equipment are organized to ensure that staff have quick access to the items they need, and that those items are clean and well-maintained.

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LOCAL: Nebraska Heart Institute Builds New Hospital

At the Nebraska Heart Institute... it was important for everything in it to be in line with their patient-focused philosophy and up to par with their state-of-the-
art technologies. Even the materials storage areas had to look as good as they functioned efficiently.

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