Archive Storage- 8,000 Boxes in a 16 -Foot-Wide Building

The Chemical Heritage Foundation needed to convert a boarded-up eyesore of a building into the John C. Haas Archive of Science and Busines at CHF. But the building could not be torn down or expanded because of its historical significance. The tall, narrow structure needed a substantial transformation to become a great solution.

After Chemical Heritage Foundation’s building (which was built in 1865) went through a massive renovation in 2008, there was no more space to build additional archive storage. However, there was an old building near that site from the 1850s. The Foundation decided they wanted to use and restore it, partly because the location solved logistic retrieval issues, and partly because they wanted to give back to the community by revitalizing an historic building.

CHF looked at a variety of scenarios using both the static and mobile versions of Spcacesaver’s High-Bay shelving, taking into consideration how much material they could store using each. They ultimately installed a 36 feet tall XTend Mobile High-Bay system, with one movable range between two fixed units. This system enabled them to achieve the storage capacity required of the archive facility, providing approximately 8,400 linear feet of shelf space to house new collections.

Learn more about the unique mission of the Chemical Heritage Foundation by downloading the case study.