LOCAL: Bellevue Police Department Opens New Facility

Midwest Storage Solutions has worked on hundreds of projects but we also enjoy being able to make an impact on our own community. Featured in KETV Newswatch 7, take a look at our work inside Bellevue Police Department's new facility. 


Bellevue Police get their move on, walking in to their brand new offices at the corner of Wilshire Drive and Wall Street. 

It took over 10 years of planning, but in August of 2014, the newly renovated 68,000 square foot Bellevue Police Headquarters opened to the public. 

"Our department has operated out of four or five buildings for many many years," according to Laurie Synowiecki with the Bellevue Police department. But not anymore, all department employees will now be houses in one location. "It's a huge step towards improved communication and efficiency of our entire operation and the way our services are rendered to the public," says Det. Synowiecki. 

Now in the new building, officers can package evidence in this room, then directly transfer it to evidence technicians through these lockers.

"Prior to this, the technicians had to get in a vehicle then they would drive to two individual buildings to pick up the evidence," says Det. Synowiecki. 

The new location also features a new training room, so officers no longer have to rent out gyms for their 'use of force' training. A fitness center was also built so employees can let out of steam, "it's very important for wellness espically in a stressful job such as law enforcement," says Synowiecki. 

There's also additional conference and interview rooms with improved sound and video recording capabilities. All in a building the department is excited about, "there has been so many employees that have worked for the department for many years and we all have been looking forward to this move," Synowiecki.