Spacesaver Case Study: The University of Iowa!

The University of Iowa faced a serious issue with the storage of their immense collection of volumes: lack of space. The University of Iowa has over 24 thousand Undergraduate students along with over seven thousand  Graduate students on campus.

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Federal Military Museum Archive Storage Solved

When the new building was designed, the exhibit manager and the museum director wanted to allow enough space in archive storage for decades of growth. By using Spacesaver mechanical assist mobile storage systems and art racks, museum officials were able to maximize exhibit space and still allow ample room for growth in the archive storage area.

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College of Charleston Adopts Compact Shelving

The old library had run out of space 10 years before the new facility was built, so Dean David Cohen and Director Claire Fund, after evaluating the future needs of their expanding collection, had to find a solution. Library architect Michael Cohen, AIA, of Boston’s Fletcher, Harkness, Cohen, Moneyhun, Inc., recommended high-density (compact) mobile shelving as a solution for the future.

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Naval Seabees of Coronado, CA Improve their Equipment Storage Efficiency

In Bulk Storage, security of the palletized gear located on open rack shelving was improved with large lockable fencing. An Issue Point storage area, which is used to issue bulk storage items to individuals, was established in a new high-density mobile storage system inside a completely enclosed security cage. Individual storage was also established for Seabees to store their infantry equipment once it was issued to them.

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