Century-old Law Firm Incorporates Mobile Storage System in New, Upscale Offices

Lathrop & Clark LLP, a 100 year-old law firm in Madison, Wisconsin, who specializes in several areas of public, private and business law, consolidated offices and moved into a new building. They needed to improve their storage methods and design a fling system that aesthetically blended into their new, upscale space.

“We wanted to be sure that we allocated enough space for all of our active files,” said Colleen Dring, the law firm’s office manager. “The firm gains 1,500 additional files each year and only periodically purges inactive files to an off-site warehouse that holds our archived files.”“The fling systems had to be very easy to use so that anyone can find and access files,” said Dring. “The mobile storage system does that for us very well.”

With open-access fling being an office standard, safety and ease-of-use were paramount when planning the fling area. A maintenance contract provides the customer with regular preventative maintenance checks and cleaning. Technicians are completely proactive in scheduling their visits to troubleshoot any potential issues and ensure that the equipment is running at optimum performance levels.