Dedicated to Artifact Care With Custom Museum Cabinets

The Galt’s existing static shelving could not accommodate the growing number of objects they were acquiring and, increasingly, things were being housed in a non-best practice environment. In an effort to house its growing collection within limited space and using inflexible shelving, the Museum was progressively resorting to layering and stacking. These two “solutions” decreased overall ease of access and, worse, posed a risk to object care.

When the museum added a new wing in 2005, they worked with Spacesaver to install mobile shelving and custom museum cabinets that provided them with more storage space and provided increased safety of the collections. The system was designed to accommodate future expansion, and in 2011 more mobile shelving and cabinetry was added, maximizing the storage capacity.

”Our adoption of the equipment in 2005 was a massive leap forward in our ability to remain committed to best practices,” said MacLean. “The equipment is a visual statement to our donors, our communities and the overall industry, that we are dedicated to the highest level of artifact care. Best of all, it allows us remain committed to best practices well into the future.”