Deloitte Consulting Utilizes High-Density Mobile Storage System to Accomplish Hoteling Goals

Deloitte Consulting, one of the world’s leading management consulting firms, brought together three separate offices into a single location in downtown Atlanta. Their move created an opportunity to implement new workplace strategies aimed at building productivity, innovation and teamwork within their 126,000 square foot interior space.

A universal floor plan was developed that incorporated a high-density mobile storage system on each of the five floors of the downtown Atlanta high-rise building, which allowed for a large open floor plan concept workstations and collaboration centers for hoteling users.

“Nearly all consulting firms have incorporated hoteling,” explained Marilyn Jentzen-Mclean, director of real estate services. “The compact systems are intuitively easy to use, have good safety considerations and provide the storage space we need,” concluded Jentzen-Mclean.

Spacesaver Power Pro® systems with Photo Sweep® safety were specially configured to accommodate the storage needs of the hoteling employees. Each shelving section incorporates an open shelf, a second shelf with a key-locked receding door and four lateral file drawers. Staff consultants are assigned a key-locked lateral drawer unit and senior managers are assigned a key-locked shelf and drawer. Stored items include client files, training and reference materials, and personal belongings.