High-Profile Law Firm Selects Spacesaver’s Cantilever Shelving for Newly Designed Space

Heller Ehrman Attorneys, a California based high-tech and bio-tech law firm moved into a newly leased space to expand its offices and accommodate growth. The company chose Spacesaver library cantilever shelving with custom wood end panels in its new law library and mobile storage in fling areas.The new law library, located on the second floor, incorporates a modern design motif with custom-designed tables, black lighting fixtures and an abundance of light from the windows lining both sides of the room.

“We were trying to create a library that was a light, airy place where people could go to do research without a lot of interruptions,” said Clinton Kennedy, director of administration. The Spacesaver shelving provides function, while adding to the allure of the interior.

When planning the space for the law library, administrators and librarians had to decide whether to use compact shelving or slim down the material space requirements by eliminating the reporters and utilizing online resources. Since the demand for book use is declining and the trend toward electronic data storage is increasing, the staff decided to utilize electronic legal resources and stationary shelving for all other bound reference materials and periodicals.

In the main offices two mobile systems are used to help keep files stored on-site. “We ultimately wanted to image all of the documents, but we need the storage space until that happens,” Kennedy said, “The reality is that we have to store documents on-site. The mobile systems are sturdy and provide the function we need to do that.”