Naval Seabees of Coronado, CA Improve their Equipment Storage Efficiency

The Amphibious Construction Battalion One (ACB-1), whose sailors are known as “Seabees, get organized with improved equipment storage efficiency provided by Spacesaver.

“The past three years have seen a substantial increase in the expectation for units to maintain high readiness postures for any possible contingency,” said Lt. Thomas Price, ACB-1’s assistant supply officer. “A primary concern was quick and easy access to materials,” he said.

In Bulk Storage, security of the palletized gear located on open rack shelving was improved with large lockable fencing. An Issue Point storage area, which is used to issue bulk storage items to individuals, was established in a new high-density mobile storage system inside a completely enclosed security cage. Individual storage was also established for Seabees to store their infantry equipment once it was issued to them. New custom-designed Delta lockers were stacked four-high onto a large powered mobile system. Each locker is assigned to an individual and they are responsible for securing and accounting for their gear. The ACB-1 Central Tool Room also upgraded security and functionality with lockable fencing, and a high-density mobile system.