LOCAL: New Federal Courthouse Project Includes Spacesaver Mobile Storage

The Problem: 

When a new and updated federal courthouse building was contemplated for a Midwestern city, the architect from the local office of DLR Group considered the use of mobile storage in several areas to make better use of space. Spacesaver Power Assist systems are utilized in the two Clerk of Court offices and the U.S. Marshal’s Office.


When the architect, Michael Kros of DLR Group, decided that Spacesaver would be a good fit for the new courthouse, he worked with the local representative to contact the end users. The representative surveyed their needs and two initial mobile systems were planned into the new space.

“I felt that the Spacesaver systems were a good filing and storage solution for the needs of the client,” Kros said. “The building was built with the intent to endure 50-plus years of use so longevity was planned into every aspect of the courthouse.”

Two of the first Spacesaver systems to go into the new courthouse building were in the United States District Court Clerk’s Office and the Bankruptcy Court Clerk’s Office to store open and closed case files.

By design, the files were centralized into a single file room for each of the courts. At the old building, there were file rooms all over and it was cumbersome to locate and work with records. The new file rooms conveniently locate records in a central area.

The two case file areas utilize Spacesaver StoreFront® sorter units on the ends of the mobile carriages to store open, active case files. The closed, but not yet archived files, are kept stored inside the mobile system. Approximately 10,000 files are stored in the area and there are about 200 file requests daily from judges, attorneys and the public, with most requests being for active files. With active files stored on the sorter units located at the ends of the aisle, it is more efficient to locate and pull them.

Kros explained that throughout the Courthouse building the floors were specially designed with raised-access flooring to conveniently accommodate computer and communications cabling and make the space more flexible. With the help of the architect, the mobile systems were carefully designed to operate on the raised floor. “I worked with the local representative to come up with a solution for integrating the mobile system with the client’s raised access floor,” Kors said. 

The U.S. Marshal’s office later purchased a Spacesaver Power Assist Spacesaver for storing court records. The use of the new system eliminated the need for conventional filing cabinets, which are not as efficient, and provided greater accessibility for physically challenged employees.

“I felt that the Spacesaver systems were a good filing and storage solution for the needs of the client.” — Michael Kros, architect, DLR Group

Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., is the Midwest distributor for Spacesaver in Nebraska, Iowa, The Dakotas, and Minnesota.