LOCAL: Omaha Police Headquarters Undergoes $1.4M Renovation

The Omaha Police Department headquarters is getting a million dollar renovation.

Omaha police captain Adam Kyle showed KETV Newswatch 7 the transformation on Wednesday starting five floors up in his office.

“I started walking around the building trying to determine what we needed,” Kyle said. “Are we using the space properly?”

Kyle showed KETV the plans for the 40-year-old building.

The first part of the transformation is a new, computerized evidence cataloging system that uses barcodes.

“I want to say, ' How many guns do we have which feature wooden handles and were booked on Thursday?’ And there's the report,” Kyle said.

Downstairs is the other half of the system, high-tech storage rooms for seized drugs.

“These shelves are designed in such a way because the majority of the drugs we seize we put in envelopes, and they'll fit in here like this,” Kyle said.

There is also an area to store firearms.

“This system is for all the long guns,” Kyle said.

“We could have 600 percent more evidence than we currently have and still not run out of space,” Kyle said.

The majority of the $1.4 million basement makeover is still incomplete, lockers for the fitness center just arrived and the new crime lab won’t be built for quite some time.

Kyle said construction on phase one of the project should be complete in four to six months.

Omaha Police Dept. said it is saving money by having a single city employee do most of the demolition.

They are also trying to stay green.

“We recycle all this metal,” Kyle said.

Federal stimulus dollars helped pay for most of the project. The rest of the money came from city and police department capital improvement funds.