Protecting Property and Equipment With Military Lockers

Soldiers in the North Carolina National Guard were required to store their gear and equipment in their homes. This was not an ideal solution, and often times resulted in the loss of government property.

To avoid FLIPLs, there needed to be a system in place to ensure accountability and security of equipment. A study concluded that over 90% of Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE) losses occurred in the ranks of E1 through E5. For the North Carolina National Guard, the solution to this problem was to create a locker room in each National Guard readiness center throughout the state to keep valuable equipment (for E5 and below), secure and accounted for. Space needed to be borrowed from other areas of readiness centers to make room for the new lockers. Classrooms have been converted to locker rooms and even old twenty-foot-long shipping containers have been equipped with lockers. The North Carolina National Guard can fit 18 lockers inside each shipping container and make use of the space when there is no room onsite for a locker room.

Each locker was constructed with a perforated mesh door designed to provide airflow and to obscure the view of expensive equipment kept inside for added security. Another important feature was the flexibility as well as the large amount of interior space made available for each locker.

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