Salt Lake City Combines Police, Fire and Emergency Reponse in Incredible New Facility

The Salt Lake City Public Safety Building was created to serve as a central hub for the community by combining the police, fire and emergency response departments to one location. With all of the emergency departments working together in one space, it was crucial that the new public safety building be functional, efficient, collaborative and most of all safe.

In the beginning stages of planning for the building layout and design, the police department team looked at other modern public safety centers throughout the country including Parker Police Department located in Parker, Colorado. After seeing the many storage solutions that were being used at Parker PD and the benefits of using them throughout their facility, it was clear that’s what was needed for Salt Lake City.

Working with a local representative from Spacesaver and the architects they were able to plan for each department to be more efficient and functional without worrying about storage space. Spacesaver systems were incorporated throughout the building that were custom designed to fit the needs of each department. Areas like the SWAT room, fitness center as well as administrative offices were fitted with specific storage based on their usability and space limitations. High-density mobile systems were installed in the quarter master facility in order to store equipment, weapons and other sensitive equipment that required added security. Not only does each storage system help make the space within the public safety building more efficient but each department can work more effectively to help keep the community safe.