Scout Ranch Expands Museum Collection Storage, Protects Artifacts

The Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, N.M., ran out of space in its museum for storing its collection of Native American and Southwestern artifacts. Museum collection storage was at a premium, as the collection of artifacts is always growing.The museum installed a mechanical assist mobile system, which quadrupled its storage space and allowed for more work areas

“Before, we were full and had no room to store additional items,” explained Steve Zimmer, museum director. “With the Spacesaver system we quadrupled the storage space in the same amount of floor space and freed up room for work areas.” The museum stores more than 4,000 historical objects of Native American culture and the West, many of different sizes and shapes.

The number one concern for the museum was preservation of artifacts. The compact system with open four-post shelving allows room to lay art objects fat, as well as store bulky items, which augments the longevity of the artifacts. Specialty cabinets, also mounted on the mobile system, allow such items as costumes and clothing to be hung and kept dust-free. Drawers house small items such as beads and arrowheads, and rolled textiles are conveniently hung on racks.

“For a small museum the cost of a mobile system seemed high, but the alternative cost to expand the building was totally out of our budget,” concluded Zimmer. “The mobile system solved our storage needs now and into the future and made additional space for work areas.”