Spacesaver Case Study: The University of Iowa!

The University of Iowa faced a serious issue with the storage of their immense collection of volumes: lack of space. The University of Iowa has over 24 thousand Undergraduate students along with over seven thousand  Graduate students on campus.

The university has 11 colleges and is known for its balance between the arts, sciences, and humanities.  

In 2008, the University library flooded and was forced to relocate thousands of books without the proper storage units needed to house them. The books, magazines, newspapers, and other documents were placed in a temporary storage area inside the main library. The items were stored in an uncontrolled temperature, subjecting the  books to mold damage and other issues. The new facility opened in January 2017!

The Spacesaver Corporation helped Iowa University with their storage issues, and was able to provide the needed custom library shelving storage to save their library’s stock.

Spacesaver was also able to provide the University with off-site storage units. The storage units provided are X-Tend High-Bay Shelving.

The transition process is always the hardest when moving large amounts of volumes.  Students can still check stored books out through a system called UBorrow in the library.  

The volumes are now stored in the Library’s Annex.

High-Bay shelving offers an innovative way to store your items. This is because it takes away static shelving.

Static shelving is custom library shelving that is placed on the ground and cannot move, and takes up a large amount of space. With High-Bay shelving, these custom library shelving storage units are able to move back and forth giving an off-site storage area twice the amount of space than before.

These storage units that were installed are 22 feet tall, are temperature-controlled to prevent volumes from molding, there is a retrieval system and much more! The storage units can hold over 4 million volumes and is currently holding over 1 million!


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