Streamline Sterile Supply Storage Management At Atrium

When Atrium Medical Center was building its state-of-the-art facility in Ohio, streamlining its strategic management of supplies was top of mind. A local Spacesaver® representative and a member of the nationwide Spacesaver Group of independent contractors helped develop a unique, highly-efficient and adaptable solution by installing Spacesaver’s FrameWRX® Storage System.

Twenty FrameWRX units, featuring an array of color-coded bins in a variety of sizes, were placed in clean utility rooms on a majority of the facility’s patient floors. The bins are bar-coded and expedite accurate inventory counts when used in concert with hand-held scanners.

Better-organized supplies and materials means faster materials management practices – that means nurses spend less time looking for supplies and more time with patients. Plus, CBG’s storage solution nearly doubled the number of supplies stored without having to hire additional full-time staff, or incur significant increases in inventory costs. Now, that’s a sterile supply storage success story!