Surgical Services Department uses Mobile for Sterile Supply Storage

The Surgical Services Department at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury, Maryland recently upgraded their sterile supply storage in the operating room core and replaced more than 70 wire carts with seven small Spacesaver mobile systems. Paul McGuire, Manager, Surgical Services, said that the old wire carts were inefficient on space utilization. There was wasted space between and in front of carts, as well as unutilized space between shelves. It was difficult to store small instruments and didn’t provide neat, organized appearance to the storage area.

Spacesaver designed seven mobile systems that were incorporated into the OR core for storing sterile supplies, cases and instruments for surgery. Two systems are located in the main core for supply items, two systems are located between the orthopedics surgery rooms for storing replacement parts and supplies, two service the neurosurgery suite and one unit is in the heart core.

Seven mobile systems replaced more than 70 carts and saved critical space in the OR core. McGuire says that the space savings has allowed Peninsula Regional to store items in the core rather than in a central sterile supply area. With millions of dollars of OR supplies and instrumentation, over a million dollars worth of supplies in orthopedics alone, it was also important to medical center staff to store supply items more safely and in a more organized fashion.