University of Notre Dame Football Equipment Storage Upgraded

The Football equipment storage room at the University of Notre Dame used to have static, wooden shelving installed in a sparse room with concrete floors. The aisles between the static shelving units were wide, originally designed to accommodate a skid and a pallet, and took up most of the floor space.

“There was just so much wasted space,” said Ryan Grooms, Head Football Equipment Manager for the University of Notre Dame. “It really wasn’t functional for us.”

Rubbermaid tubs filled with gear and equipment were stacked around the room, and even on the one counter top space.

Grooms was familiar with Spacesaver from his previous position with the University of Minnesota and knew that mobile shelving could potentially double his football equipment storage capacity within the same space.

Today’s equipment is better organized and visible, which makes inventory and maintenance easier. The room itself has become a showpiece for the University. The mobile systems all feature custom graphics that showcase Notre Dame football, from close ups of the team’s helmets to an areal shot of the stadium. The Spacesaver mechanical assist system handles were sent off to the helmet company that provides the team’s game day helmets to be dipped in the same gold paint as the helmets.

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