World-reowned Herbarium and Collections Stored on Compact Mobile Shelving

The New York Botanical Garden constructed a new building, the International Plant Studies Center, to house its growing library and herbarium collections. The new state-of-the-art building was fastidiously designed to house vital collections and included features such as, controlled environmental conditions and Spacesaver compact mobile shelving.

“The collection was very crowded and the specimens were often damaged because they were crammed into the cabinets. explained Jackie Kallunki, Associate Director of the herbarium. “Our only option for expanding the storage space was to build a new building. We knew that we couldn’t have afforded the construction cost or land space to build a building large enough to house the proper amount of storage if we used stationary storage solutions. Instead, with compact storage in mind, we built the new building with the structural integrity needed to hold the weight.”

The mechanical-assist system was selected to provide easy maintenance. It is a sufficient solution for the low retrieval rates. To accommodate the heavy weight loads of the cabinets, Spacesaver designed the system with a six-to-one ratio, making it easy for researchers to move the carriages. Automatic aisle locks also were added to maintain user safety.