Update: The pros and cons of hydroponic farming

Hydroponic farming is a way of farming that is definitely not new, but it has been becoming increasingly popular recently. It is a way of planting that completely skips the need for soil. Instead, you can grow the roots directly in nutrient-rich water! With the correct Spacesaver storage solutions, this can be an easy way to grow produce. So, what exactly is hydroponics? 


The world of hydroponics might sound like it’s from the near future, but this method of farming and gardening has been around for centuries. The Aztecs were known to build floating farms around the city of Tenochtitlan. In the 1930s and 1940s, Pan American Airways established hydroponic farming on a remote island that stopped for food on their travel to Asia.

This type of farming and gardening has been around for centuries, but it hasn’t gotten much attention until the last couple of years. Why is this? The cost? The space? Maybe there are other factors involved.


The main benefit to hydroponic farming and gardening is the ability to control the climate all produce grows in. This means instead of certain harvesting seasons during the year, all of it can grow year-round.

There would no longer be out of season vegetables and fruit, you could get berries and other produce all year long. (Without the price tag.)

Traditional agriculture methods account for using over 80 percent of the United State’s water consumption! With the growing population and the need for more food, there will continue to increase in using more and more water to keep plants alive. Hydroponic only uses about 10 percent of the water a normal farm uses on a daily basis!

Instead of needing acres of land and fields, this farming method needs a small space inside a building or anywhere with electricity. A restaurant can grow produce in their basement, plants can be maintained in warehouses and other spaces to grow needed items.


The main downfall of hydroponic farming is the initial cost of getting the farm setup from the right equipment to the seeds needed. All of it makes a difference.

A hydroponic farm is not something someone can just decide to start one day. It takes time and research to even begin to understand what this farming method is, and from there, to find the right equipment is another challenge.

Right now with hydroponics, there is only produce like cucumbers, leafy greens and tomatoes growing. The process has been slow and farmers have found these plants grow the best with hydroponic systems.


What you will need to successfully hydroponic farm:

  • Fresh water
  • Oxygen
  • Root support
  • Nutrients
  • Light

A great way to get started with hydroponic farming is by installing the right storage systems! At Midwest Storage Solutions, Inc., We offer the best hydroponic storage solutions that can help cut on the initial cost of getting the farm started and can increase the number of products you can produce! Our Spacesaver Activracs are perfect because they are easy to move, which helps with cleaning and maintenance, and they are airy in order to allow oxygen and nutrients to reach all of the plants. 

Our units can provide up to 30 percent more space in your current hydroponic farming area, reduce electricity costs, allow for automated lighting and irrigation and more! Let us help you pick out your perfect Spacesaver storage solution!

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