Tips for storing vinyl records

Collectibles are a hot commodity these days. Storing them properly is a priority, especially when you're dealing with vinyl records. Vinyl records are fragile, can easily be stored with the proper storage systems. Many people do not know that they are damaging their vinyls simply by how they are storing them. 

If you practice proper maintenance with your records, that will help the longevity of them. More than anything, finding a space to dedicate to your collection and proper storage will make all the difference when it comes to keeping them in mint condition. 

Prep your vinyl records well

To prep vinyl records for storage, keep the sleeves on the records. This will keep them safe from dust, dirt and other elements that may be harmful. If not, they could be at risk for mold and mildew, buildup of unwanted dust or dirt, or wear and fading on the cover. Another factor to consider is to always store records upright. This will prevent warping and enable you to easily store them in a crate or box.

Find the ideal environment

Records last longer when kept in a cool, dry room. The temperature for vinyls should be around 59 to 77 degrees. The cool atmosphere for your vinyls will ensure that they don't warp. The room should also be dry because the vinyls are susceptible to damage from mold or mildew, and they could play a role in the warping process. The humidity percentage should be between 35 and 40 percent. A temperature controlled storage system is definitely needed for this collectible item. Be sure that they are not stored somewhere that is likely to see drastic temperature changes.

Package your vinyls correctly

Packaging vinyls is one of the most important ways to preserve a record. There are plenty of options as to what to put them in, but always shoot for a container that is the shape of the records. If you store them in a round container, they might have trouble fitting, and if they're placed too tightly in a container, then it has the potential to hurt the cover, or even warp the record. Always place them in a square, or rectangular container to support the shape of the records.

Find the best storage system

Keeping all of these things in mind, how can you properly store your vinyls in a system that will not harm them? One system that is a great option is high density shelving. While records may not take up much space, with high density shelving, you are able to store a large amount of product in a small amount of space. Eliminating the need for aisles, you can implement more shelving in order to store more vinyl. 

Most collectors large growing collection, which is why high density shelving is so handy. They are completely customizable and flexible, meaning that they can grow with you and your needs and your collection increases. 

If you are looking for a great way to store your vinyl collection or any other items that may need special requirements, Midwest Storage Solutions can work with you to determine the perfect storage system for your space and your needs. With flexible and temperature controlled solutions available, let us know how we can accommodate your storage needs!

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